Dont open last project


Because i test and use a lot of projects i was wondering if it is possible not to open the last project? Now i frequently on first opening AB have to switch to another project but have to wait before the latest one is opened. So just stay in the project screen and let the user choose his project instead of opening the latest used automatically.


I am torn with this particular feature.
Some days I love it and others not so much…


Yes, I agree!!!

LOL, me too… but if it could stay in the project screen I think it’s the best option.


I think there is a query parameter that can be passed in so that last-project won’t open by default.
Will try to check into it and/or post question to AI forum


You solved this for silver once upon a time so it shouldn’t be hard to do it again, for those who can view this forum use that method at the moment.

edit, content from the link

Until this is implemented a workaround for now.

Before shutting down MIT, create a new project, either you add a component to the project or just save it, go to project list and delete it.

Next time you start MIT you should be in project list.