Doesn't showing ads



I am new appy builder. Recently i created an apps But doesn’t showing ads. Please advise me what i did wrong? This is my block settings has anything wrong here?



I Didn’t make any aps July. I think you are wrong recognize.

I using 2 banner and one intertital ads with google polices?
Google allowed an pages 2 banner and one intertitals right?

If i have any wrong please advised me. I going changes.

Thank you


This is not the appybuilder issue. You can search on youtube for the solution.


Ok Sir. Thank you for kind information


how many admob components do you have, this app looks like a earning app. Admob will delete your accound and your ip adress. You start building a app and your first components are ads. This is crazy!!!


Maybe you dont see ads bc admob delete your id/ block your earning app, The had updated their policy and some other things.


Dear Sir,
This is not a earning apps. The aps first page I didn’t add any ads. This block is the second pages. After posting here ads showing. But very sad to say now again stopped to showing.
Admob didn’t block anything. Everything is perfect.

This is not a earning apps. I am new builder. If I have any mistakes please advise. Don’t complain to slinced my account please.
Hope you understand.


Why now not showing ads? Last evening showing.
Also now showing thunkable aps.
Why not showing in appy builder aps?
Is it appy builder slinced me?
If Slinced may I know why??

Best Regards


This is from AdMob not AppyBuilder.
You need use AdFailedBlock to see possible errors.

If it works randomly, it possibly means: lack of ad inventory; meaning you load ad too many times