Do you think it's possible?


With the recent news of AppyBuilder shutting down for a makeover, do you think it can be built with newer technology like Node? With improved load times, faster build, and many improvements to come to further and current components? As with the answer is most likely NO, I’m going to jump in and try it, it may sound like a waste now, but in the future if it is done, this would be a big upgrade past other builders and “creators.” While the journey will take forever to complete unless I work endlessly, I will also being working to create AppyBuilder it’s own configurable UI and this time, actually working with everyone as much as I can, to tune it to your liking. Share what you would like in a comment, do you want a favorite dark mode, do you need everything to be faster, what do you want? I’ll be responding and sharing special behind the scenes. I can’t do this without you and your feedback!


Is to provide the users of AppyBuilder with faster loading, compiling, and creating times. Allowing you to build a “Hello World!” app in less than 2 minutes of creation. With Node, Java, and GAE working together, you’ll see faster times than ever. Projects can have thousands of blocks and still work as if you created a new “Hello World!” app! You’ll even have the latest of Android at the tip of your fingers!


@MeteorCoder You can give it a try and do prototype