Django's Soundpad


This is my Soundpad with 36 full editable Pads, an integrated Double-Musicplayer and a record modul (.3gp or 16bit, 44.1kHz)
Started 1 year ago with AppInventor, then finished with the great Appybuilder!
Extensions used: Filepicker and Soundwave


Newest version of my Soundpad

  • fixed loop function with taifunPlayer. Now loops without gap. Ideal for
  • Rebuild progressbars under pads. Used canvas and sprite instead of the
    slider like in the musicplayer modus.
  • All in all 6976 Blocks in 2 Screens
  • extensions used: -Filepicker, -TaifunPlayer, -SoundWav, -SoundAdvanced
    -TaifunSpeechRecognizer, -TaifunFile
  • Development time: Don’t ask!


@Django interesting your app. in your app is it possible to record the melody that the user plays?


Of course. You can record up to Stereo in the record Modul and assign it directly to a Pad.