Django's Simple MusicPlayer


With Simple MusicPlayer you can:

  • create playlists from your music on your smartphone, easy and super fast with
    integrated intelligent filebrowser… Add songs or whole folders.
    Save playlist on your device as a textfile.
  • play, pause, skip, repeat song/repeat playlist, random song
  • seekbar is touchable and let you scroll through the song
  • volumen control
  • sort playlist, delete files from playlist
  • song length, current position
  • choose one from 3 designs

No internet needed, no tags , no pics, no annoying ads.
Just as simple and useful as possible!
I never found a musicplayer that satisfies me, when i just wanted to play some music over a PA system. Most of the players I found were always terribly confusing and fully loaded with stuff that I never needed. So I decided to create my own.
I hope you like it.

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