Digital Chrismas Card


Making a Digital Christmas Card

Christmas is coming next month so i got you a small present.

You take these images made by

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

This layout

This extension

And these blocks

And you can make your own digital Christmas Card, below an example, that can be shared with your friends.

Here is the aia, that you can change however you want.

xmas.aia (237.0 KB)


Thanks @Peter!


Thanks @Peter


awesome , Thanks @Peter :slight_smile:


I found an easier way to make it work. I used the dynamiccomponent extension

And made these blocks.

A lot less click blocks. There is more then one way to do things. :sunglasses:



What if you have a lot of images, then you have to make very long lists of names, types, and ids.

So i thought that i would do it differently. I thought about naming all images with a number starting from 1. There are numerous software packages that can do that in bulk. I could then export the aia, add all images as an asset and import it again. That could work, and if it would be to much i could download them on a first run. But that is another story. But how to display them.

I made these blocks where i just have to input the right number of images in the for each from block. In this testcase i used 25. I made three empty list for type, name and id and fill them with the right values, calculated with the for each block. So no more making a long list.


who where is doing it for schoolwork