DictaNotas (Crea notas con tu voz fácilmente)


Dicta tus propias notas directamente a la app y guardalas localmente en tu propio dispositivo.
Las puedes enviar por email, whatsapp o copiarlas al portapapeles para pegarlas en otra app de tu dispositivo.

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Save all you own notes directly to the app with your voice They are stored in your own device.
You can send it by email, whatsapp or be copied to the clipboard to paste in other app in your device.
Spanish language available.
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I like your app, but as always (and as a graphics designer) I have to criticize it. Not to be harsh but to help you improve it, so when people see apps made with AppyBuilder will know that it is possible to make quality apps with it.
Ready? Here we go:

  1. What is the top left button for? I keep pressing it and nothing happens.

  2. Choose a theme and stick with it. Your colors, icon style, font face and sizes are not consistent. Don’t make the screen look too “busy”. Users need functionality, not to be impressed by your ability to place as many components as you can on the screen.

  3. Change the background image for a solid soft color. Think of your app as a notepad. Does your notepad have background images?

  4. You don’t need to tell the user what is he/she doing. CREANDO NOTA / MODIFICANDO NOTA are irrelevant titles. When the note is there, to the user it doesn’t matter if they just created it or they opened an old one. You can eliminate that and make the interface a little cleaner.

  5. On the same subject of cleaning the interface, how about you unify the email and Whatsapp icons into a SHARE icon. In fact that will give your app more functionality because now you will be able to send your text to any app installed in your device in a cleaner and more intuitive way. Keep the clipboard button. That is a good option.

  6. Make an English version or allow users to choose the language. You will get way more downloads and better reviews.

  7. Don’t show interstitial ads randomly. Nobody likes to be interrupted with something annoying as an ad. I know you want to make money, we all do. I use ads in my apps too. But don’t annoy your users. That right there is a deal breaker for me. I immediately uninstall any app that shows ads randomly. Instead, show the ads when the user performs an action, like after saving the note, when opening or closing the app, etc.

I hope these suggestions help you improve your app. I like the functionality of it. Just needs to improve its looks.


This is a notepad I made a couple of years ago for myself. It might give you an idea of what a clean interface means. You open the list of notes by clicking the top left button, and the options with the top right one.


Thanks, you help me a lot with your suggestions.
I’m agree with all.
I’ll change my apps to be more clear and more funny to the customers.
You are the first who make me suggestions and I’m very pleasent. That’s the reason I was sharing my apps here in this forum.
Thanks a lot


Ok, now I have done the app for six languages and with the changes you suggested :
Notes Dictation

unlisted #6