Dialogue Progress Error


How to solve this error?
I never shown this error in previous version.


Show the blocks that call the notifier please.

You probably have an compare that is not working


Progress Dialogue working fine. This error is shown sometimes.
My project is one year old. Previous version has no error.


He asked to see the blocks, not an explanation of when it’s working and what it’s not. If you were gonna explain, then put it in your original topic. Telling us that it worked in previous versions and now doesn’t, doesn’t tell us much, and I’m pretty sure that’s why you opened this?

Please begin reporting bugs to the bug category, and change this one please. This why I can try my best to have my push merged with fixes for everyone. (If it’s merged :pray:)


We’re all gonna need these details

- Android version (not Oreo, Nougat, ETC… A number like 8.0.0)
- Device
- Country you’re using the device in if it’s a manufacturer that makes different chips based on region
- Last time you edited the project
- If you trust everyone here, a test APK if your Android version is higher than 6.0
- How many screens does your project have