Device Info Key


Hi, i have been trying device info feature using key. It works nicely, too bad we dont know any keys nor any documentation about it here so i need to look around and try word by word. Here is my result so far.

You just need to use Device Info block using below key. Left is the key used and in the right is the result value.

Key : Value/Result

IMEI : 869xxxxxxxxxxxx
Model : Redmi Note 3
Brand : Xiaomi
Display : MMB29M
Fingerprint : Xiaomi/kenzo/kenzo:…

Hardware : qcom
Manufacturer : Xiaomi
Product : kenzo
id : MMB29M

And below are info i cant find :

SDK version
imei slot 2 (second slot IMEI)
IP address & Its mac address
Wifi MAC address
Serial (Serial Number)

As you can see in the picture, is it possible for us to get those info. Thank you,

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I’m guessing that the codes listed here will work as keys.

See also this example of an application which extracts the relevant info:


Thanks, @Thomas_Leavitt. I have tried those but some works, but alot others are not working. Like PRODUCT, SERIAL, CPU_ABI, host, time, user are not working in my phone.


there are also extensions available, which can provide these information


@Ronin in blocks editor, hover your mouse over DeviceInfo. It’ll show you a tooltip for this block and keys. Also if you plug an empty text box into it, it’ll return all info