Detect android version



there is any solution for check what is the android version installed?

in my code i have parts that not work in android 9, but yes in android 8 or less.

i want know if there is any solution for check the version when the app start



You have to use Kodular for that. They have a device utilities component where you have this block.



ok thanks

but the problem is that my app not works in kodular, when i import the aia file, and open a screen i get an error .



Do you use components that are not present in Kodular at the moment? you have to delete all ad components, the spacer component, etc.


yes i think that is the problem, i need time for resolve it

thanks for your help


Can you pm me your aia?


you might want to use the tools extension and its ApiLevel method


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I knew you would have made something to check that :grin:
I think your tools extension is the most used of them all.