Design Prototype for AppyBuilder


I’m currently in progress of making a prototype design for AppyBuilder… Not using Paint3D this time and with a designing software. I will post here, the Viewer, Blocks, and more pages of what AppyBuilder has that may not contain a proper design. Don’t worry, they won’t be heavy designs, so if AppyBuilder likes them, they can add them. Wait a few more days and the Viewer will be completed.

Here’s a little hint of what I’ve done:



seeing only a blue picture


You’ll see why :wink:



The hint you gave is just an ActionBar zoomed a couple of times.


xD, you’re right. Thanks for blowing my cover lol


Coming soon…


Coming soon…


Where is the Import AIA function? You’ll see when I update this.


This year (if approved by a few people) you’ll see, hopefully a big change on Appybuilder one day when you awaken! Those changes will include design, components, blocks, etc… I’ll be sharing some screenshots when I am completed with the change, design wise.

In the mean time, take a look here for what might be the future :wink:


Is this an official AppyBuilder announcement or will be an offline version of it?


Don’t worry, I’ll be removing the App Inventor logo shortly within the next few changes I make, and I’ll be adding more components and changing categories. I have to work a few changes out with CSS but then it should be good.


MeteorCode, on his own, is just coming up with some design interfaces. Doesn’t necessarily mean that we go with it. Community input on his proposed design is appreciated


HOWEVER let me point this out, I am working from Localhost for the source from MIT from Github. I will be pushing the changes to Appybuilder-Source on my account later on with a pull request after I add and update some components that are currently in App Inventor 2. If everything is good with Appybuilder as I said previously in this topic, you’ll see changes when you awaken. Which I’m hoping happens so.


Coding on 'dem haters.




Isn’t it lookin’ somewhat like the old Makeroid (now, Kodular)? I don’t want to demotivate you but don’t you think you should design something unique? :slightly_smiling_face:


Please put any proposals, new layout, fixes, enhancements, into GitHub; no need to to keep posting here.



It is, with a few elements but not many, they can’t copyright Material Design. Nothing will stop me from doing this, even if it’s something from the past, it’s not the future.


I will close this topic, your idea is clear. As Hossein said. Any proposals and ideas should be submitted into Github.

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