Deleted Sidebar component. Help!


I for got there was a sidebar component in the effects tab so I downloaded a sidebar extension. After realizing my mistake I tried to delete the extension but when i did Appybuilder crashed. When it opened back up, the sidebar on the effects tab was missing and the downloaded extension is still there although it doesn’t work. Can I get the old one back? When I open another project it’s there.


So you mean the downloaded not working extension is no available for every project?


No, the downloaded extension won’t work in the current project. It allows me to drag it to the interface and shows it in the list of components but no property settings.
I think I may be able to export the screen to my pc and import it into a new project where sidebar component is available. Then copy all my blocks to the backpack and bring them into the new project.
Thank you for the quick response!


Send me your aia via pm and i will take a look. I think i know how to fix it.