Defective "ListViewCustom" comma issue


I hope I am wrong but it seems that when the user enters a comma ListViewCustom sees the comma as a separate item. I have looked in the reference documents for a solution with no help.


Please show your relevant blocks and prepare a simple .aia to demo the issue


Here is a simple aia example however it does not show the problem unless you run it.
ListViewCust.aia (3.6 KB)
The same program using ListView works well.
ListView1.aia (3.3 KB)


Here are the blocks. The problem can not be seen here either.blocks
It must be something to do with the comma.


Here is a copy of my image file I made. Check3 … Somehow it’s not showing the file.


If you do not need the exact comma, you can replace it with a similar character (temporarily).blocksList