Deep Links in a WebViewer


If anyone is interested in Beta Testing and Extension that allows you to use Deep Links in a WebViewer, Send me a PM…


What is Deep linking?

Deeplinks are a concept that help users navigate between the web and applications. They are basically URLs which navigate users directly to the specific content in applications.

Err Unknown Url Scheme Problem In Webview

It appears that not many people are interested in Beta Testing…:frowning:


because everyone wants everything without bugs, of course tested and most important for free


That’s precisely where I was going with that!
Glad someone else agrees!


Perhaps if I share the .aia people will check it out?
DeepLink.aia (10.5 KB)


Forgot about this one. Just tested it an working great in Android 8.1. Nice job @Ken. As always :sunglasses::grin::wink:


Tested in android 9 and everything works fine. I do not use whatsapp and when I pressed it I was directed to Google Play to install it :slight_smile: Thank you @Ken


Nice work @Ken
Please make extension for file uploading and full screen video in webview