DateUtils - example


Below are blocks that show how to use com.appybuilder.DateUtils extensions to see how many Days, Hours, Minutes till New Year (or any other day) :smile: are left from current date/time.

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Hi, Mr. Hossein. I need to record time down to millisecond (ms). Is it possible to use this extension?


@Ronin Yes. Use .SSS like this: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS


@Ronin BTW, you can get rid of Mr. :slight_smile:


Awesome… Ok then, thank you, Hossein…:grin:


Hi Mr. Hossein, I have a problem with the DataUtils extension, the count of the days is not separated from the comma as in its image, in my case they are represented in this way … (5 22 42 9) and consequently not I can select index 1 because it gives me a list length error = 0.
How can I solve?


@yuri_conte Please post screenshot of your blocks


he sequence of the blocks are the same but the result is different


You do’n’t need “list fro csv row”. Remove that. You should okay


But if I wanted to have as the text in the label only the number of days without hours and minutes how can I do it?

This is the result.


I solved with this trick …


I solved this … Thanks for your help.


Is it possible to count the number of day since someone is born ?
I made this code but the number of day the apps give me it’s 9111 and the number of days since someone born on the 26 october 1993 is 8897 days

I try many option like think in reverse 26 october approximately 66 days then it’s will 7 march.


You only have to change mm by MM