Date Tools (was Working Days)



At the moment this extension provide 3 methods:

countDays: returns the number of days between two dates, excluding specific day/s of the week.
countDays2: as before, but instead of setting true/false for each day of the week to exclude, this accepts a text with days to exclude.
futureDate: add days to a given date, in the process skip all the occurences of given day/s of the week. Returns an instant.

excludeDays accepts days of the week in any format, as to exlude saturdays and sundays “71” or “7,1” or “7|1”…
Since this is become a larger extension than expected, I rationalized its name from old and shortsighted “Working days” to “DateTools”, sorry for any inconvenience.

A picture is worth a thousand words:

com.gabryk.DateTools.aix (8.3 KB)

:fire: LATEST - Version 1.0

com.gabryk.DateTools.aix (8.7 KB)

Changes: just modified the description of the extension with link to this page and version number for future reference

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@Gabryk great job. Hopefully we’ll get more people getting involved in extension development.


@Gabryk Added to Extensions list here:


@Hossein in case you like to create a more complete list of available extensions, you might want to take a look here



@Taifun, Yes, We have created a link to your page


I’m actually talking about all the other extensions (not from Pura Vida Apps) mentioned on my page…

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I would love new function.

Can we have .pastDate feature? I want to subtract date. Many thanks.