Database conection


Dear all!!!

Hope everything is ok.

Is it possible to connect appy builder with oracle database?


@Fabricio_Villela How about using server side script (php) to connect to your database?


as @Nickon suggested, you might want to learn from the App Inventor -
MySQL interface
and adjust it to your needs


thanks a lot @Taifun and @Nickon
I’ll try and inform you!!!


@Taifun where I have to upload the PHP script please be specific I am confused in it


put it into a directory on your server of your choice, which is accessible from the internet and then use the correct URL to that script to access it from your app


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Firstly thanq @Taifun sir for your assistance
I am now getting an Error as

Error Database Connection Failed: php_network_getaddresses:getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known256

What is this and how to sort this out ?


it does not look like you followed the example exactly…
you might want to follow it exactly and later if you got it running successfully, then adjust it to your needs



Problem resolved sir actually I put the Database Address as phpmyadmin URL of database mistakenly:sweat_smile: But now I put server ip address there and Got the result perfectly thanq so much for your assistance sir @Taifun