Data in pdf (app)



how to put filled textbox data sorted, in PDF after clik em botton download in app


Please confirm.

You would to download a PDF via the APP, have the APP see what fields needs to be filled in, present text boxes based on what is needed, have you enter the information in the textbox, and then pubblish the PDF with the items entered into the text boxes?


yes, textboxes to PDF


the information in the texbox to that I want.


That is a great idea. Not available right now based on what I know of the extensions.

It is very complex. The problem is a few fold

  1. PDF’s have 100 different security types
  2. You cant extract the value of the box easily for typing purposes.
  3. PDF types are not often meta data annotated making it hard to extrapolate.

I LOVE the idea. It is going to be hard to solve. Let me know if you would like my help.



Genera un archivo HTML con la información que necesitas convertir a PDF, añade la función de imprimir archivo, después abre el archivo HTML en Chrome, listo podrás guardar tu info en PDF, el problema de esto es que necesitas tener Chrome instalado.