CustomListView display images from sd


Right now CustomListView can display only assets files, would be nice if we can use also downloaded images or picture taken with the phone camera


@Gabryk sorry. We made a note on this to include in next release


I think that’s because there are a lot of requests and this forum isn’t the right way to note them IMHO, why not using this already existing tool?
Maybe pin it on top of wishlist section


Has this been included in last release?


@Gabryk I know you’ve been waiting for this. We’ll target Jan 21st for this. Please open up an enhancement issue ticket at below:

Also open second ticket for your other request. THANKS and sorry for delay


@Hossein I’m trying to load an image from sdcard in Custom ListView, but I can’t. What’s the correct path I need to use to access the sdcard? I’ve tried with /storage/emulated/0/Pictures/_app_inventor_image_picker/image_name.jpg but it shows nothing.
But the same path in another custom list view extension works. Thanks


try the relative path
or the full path


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I did try full path and didn’t work, but relative path does, thank you Taifun


@Gabryk what’s the path that you used?


Works with