CustomChatBox v.1


Hello, all,
at this time I want to introduce the second extension that I made, namely CustomChatBox.
some of the features in the first version include:

  1. can change the chatbox background
  2. can change the size and font color of chat and time
  3. can change the decoration of the chatbox

if you need this component, you can send a little donation for further development. You can send donations to my paypal here . Donations can be of any value, but if you send a donation of at least 5 USD, every time there is the latest update you will get an update and OneSignalPlus Extension for free.

note: if the donation reach 100USD, i will make it free for community

chat view

Standard block without firebase and OneSignalPlus

Next update plan:

  1. send files in the form of image, document, voice, video
  2. share location


Hi @wanttobe do you mind sharing sample aix file.

Also, on some phones, after sending/receiving message, the chat layout does not auto-scroll to bottom to show the latest message. Works ok on Samsung Galaxy s6 but doesn’t scroll on Google Pixel 2XL.


i have sent pm 6 days ago


Sorry I meant sample aia file, but don’t bother. I’m able to implement now.

I just need an answer for the automatic scrolling not happening on some phones.


apologize for the limitations of this extension.
for now I can’t test this extension on all Android devices, maybe later I will try to check again


Hi, congratulations for the excellent work, I wanted to know if this extension is also good for App Inventor, if you can use for a group chat, and if it is possible in the future (after making a donation of 5) you can have / receive updates of the same, and have the opportunity in the chat to send and receive files … Thanks …


Sorry if I do not write well English, but I use the translator, I wanted to inform you that I have made the paypal recharge your account, to have the extension you have made … Thanks …


Please PM the developer.


BUT ,I didnot get yet costomchatbox.
You say you need Gmail .
Please i wait your aix&aia


Use the platform to discuss technical questions not payments. For that, just PM developer


I wait aix for a week , Are you sure a developer? I send gmail you want,
Why donot you give me customchat for donation.


I’m so sorry, I have sent you the download link on 19feb to your email address, and i also inform you on Private Mesaage,
Did you read your inbox?