Custom listview



When the app starts up, there is an error as shown below, if I was wrong in the listview?


We can’t understand problem from error images.
Send images of blocks.


Thanks to everyone, I have found the problem. I added a unit to my calculation :joy:


thanks for great informations…
I want to learn that, can I change the list sorting accorting to an item?
3 cat
5 dog
3,5 cat1
4 dog5
I want to change this example list like
3 cat
3,5 cat1
4 dog5
5 dog


In the Listview Custom, how do the fonts in the middle, Center?


Please Help Me mam …

want to collect data from firebase and show in listview …


how can we do the same procedure using firebase tags and related image url in tags


Hello Pixii, you are really fantastic! I have an important question to ask you: The images that are loaded in the Custom Listview component, should only be on the cell phone? I’m trying to upload my images from external links (my own server) and I can not see any in the component … Is it only allowed local images? That would be too frustrating … Thanks for your effective response!


Hi @PixiiBomb.
I have a problem. If I use the filtering bar (for a more extensive list than the example), and then I select the result, it does not return the values as in the example. Will you have any idea how I can fix it?


question, if I need to show the images from the firebase storage?



I’m using a LiveViewCustom connected to fusiontable and the images to be in url, but are not loaded. So I decided to put the images in the app. I have about 200 miniature.
Is there any way to load all the images at once so I don’t go one at a time?



you can look for information from the picasso library if you have the possibility to organize all 200 images asynchronously


PixiBomb, De antemano, felicitarte por el proyecto de Pika Mew… Tienes ética… Quisiera que también me ayudadas! te cuento, ¿como hago para que se carguen los datos de una tabla de Google Sheets? he cambiado algunos parámetros pero no logro conseguirlo…


how about getting the information from airtable, that is both text and images, please help me


can i use image url in custom list view


Google spread sheet images URL
get and costom list view image load how costom list view in appybuilder
it is work ? plase help…pixxi plase…