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Help me ! How to get image element in Custom listview to assign to a button. Specifically, I have a list of 10 elements (images + information) that are represented by a custom listview. I want to select any item from the list, the image will be assigned to the button that was created first. Thank you


@silicone_ahk in that component, you can pass list of text and list of images. Is that what you are talking about?


I want after each select, images in the Custom listview will display on a button I already have.


@silicone_ahk this component take a list of text and a list of images. clicking on item will return you the selection index. You can use that to get the image name from the list of images. Once you have that then you can show the image as background of button

ListViewCustom insert images

You could use something like this

I like creating lists as variables, so I can also use the extra control over the list.

  • Create an item and image list.
  • Initialize the data in each list (you could optionally use “make a list” blocks)
  • Create the Custom List using the item and image variables
  • Set the button’s image to the index in the image list that corresponds with the selected index in the Custom list

Hope that helps

ListViewCustom tutorial

Thanks to PixiiBomb so much, I have done it already. Next time, if I have trouble looking forward to your help.


@silicone_ahk also consider using naming convention for image thumbnail and large image for example, following @PixiiBomb example, 005-home.png and 005-homeLarge.png


@PixiiBomb let me ask, appyBuilder can create an auto-retrieval app for posts from other sites? Thank you!


Yes, you can do a few things using a Web component and you can access different APIs. It’s not something I’ve really played around with too much, but I plan on making a video about it. I know that there are a few videos that have touched on the subject. There might even be someone on here that has already made a video about it, but I’m not certain.

If you haven’t found an information on it, I can probably find you some documentation to hold you over until I can script up a video tutorial.


Thanks @PixiiBomb I searched but did not see any videos. I hope to get your earliest videos or documents on this issue. Do you intend to do this soon? The ability to implement my appBuilder is very limited, the document is mostly non-depth, but after watching the video on your youtube channel, I know you are a professional. I hope to receive help from you.


There are a lot of videos about App Inventor and Web api on youtube, complete with mysql php setup example, is that what you mean?

Auto retrieval posts from other site? Maybe you are speaking about web scraping?

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Where is the error? Can @PixiiBomb show me?

thu.aia (87.9 KB)


@silicone_ahk - I think I found the problem.

  • A list index always starts at 1 (instead of 0)
  • The Custom ListView index starts at 0
  • So you’ll need to offset the deleted item index by 1

I used the position argument (instead of SelectionIndex) and added 1 in order to get the corresponding index from ListView2. See if that works.


Also I found an older video regarding writing and reading to a database, created by CodedSteele.
This might help with the other issue in the meantime.


@PixiiBomb great debugging.


Please 2 question
where can i get the extension file and the .aia,
is a pay or free extension?



@Renzo_Macedo that’s AppyBuilder component ListviewCustom


@Hossein let me suggest to adjust this… the index should start with 1 to avoid confusion…


@Taifun i agree. Will address for next release


Currently, The Selection and SelectionIndex are one-based.
However, when deleting, ‘position’ is zero-based.
We have updated code so that this will also be 1-based. This will be in next release