Custom extensions for you!



I want a extension to use sdk of other Monitize sites. can you do it ,i will pay


Olá, preciso de uma extensão que retire informações de um site online e coloque numa label.


Specifically which one? Give an example of any monetization site you would like to use.


Leadbolt ,Ayboll ,whitemobi


Bro can you make twilio extension which needs api integration


can you also make appnext extension


what is that extension


I want To Use Extention Like I Can Play My Custom Video In My App Without Youtube Extention Or Links


Player components It can be used


i need an extension to restrict user to log in from selected country or use VPN for this. Can you help me?
Means rather user from selected country or use VPN.


use the telephony manager extension to find out the country of the user

concerning VPN, you could write your own extension using this snippet

there is also this snippet (min API Level = 21)



can you make Detect vpn extension ?


you can make Vpn extension?



I NEED Detect vpn extension



I need an extension that allows me to read UUID, minor and major, broadcasted by Bluetoot LE beacons.
Can you do it? If so, how much will it cost?


I need an extension that could:

Open a pdf
Move around in pdf
Zoom in or out
Add circle,square, rectangle, etc
Add text
Add lines (with color option)
Save pdf

I’m willing to pay good money and the developer could offer/sell to others.

If possible, let me know. Thanks


I tried to search for a PDF editor library, but I couldn’t find any that was existing.


I will take a look in the free time.


Thanks, Ben for your efforts.
I’m not sure this request is even possible in these types of app builders (appybuilder, AI2, thunkable, or makeroid. ).
I even considered using the webviewer to connect to an online pdf editor, make the changes, and then save locally on the tablet/phone, but that didn’t work very well as it would be difficult for the end user.

It would be great if the canvas could open and edit pdf files.