Custom extensions for you!



I would like to note you, that I will be making custom paid extensions just for you! Please just send a private message, I will make an extension, you will pay me from range (10-30$, depending on extension idea) and I will send you your custom made extension.

Currently, what I can’t do:

  • Extensions with services (background processes, tasks) and content providers (access managers).
  • Extensions that require accessibility, reading notifications, drawing on other apps permissions
  • Extensions which needs to add something to a manifest (besides normal permissions)

What I can do:

  • Make extensions that add “visible components” in runtime, like custom list views, cards, camera feeds.
  • Make extensions that uses libraries (just please find me a library, that is .jar file type not only .aar).
  • Make extensions that create

Every single dollar, helps me a lot of! Together with that I can keep my website online, continue OpticalMath (a new camera calculator, alternative to Photomath, that is currently being developed) developing and I can also, help MIT App Inventor for iOS Campaign! “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” - Helen Keller

Best regards, Ben.


Are these going to be exclusive extensions only for the client or you are going to release them to the public after paid?


This is not what I am sure. If it’s an extension that breaks specific limits and are high priority, I think I will:

Else, if it’s an extension that like 3-4 people need, I will:

Best regards, Ben.


If you could make an extension which allows my app working at background, I would pay even 50$ for it. It is the function that I need most for my app. Maybe one day, it will come true.


A whole proble would be soled, if we could be able to add a little <service android:name="Task1"></service> tag. Then we would be able to add background tasks, I will try to work on adding such annotation to MIT App Inventor sources.



I want to how to connect keyboard enter key with my apps go button


Can you make some extension about this


Hi Ben…
I would like to have an extension that can. Transfer images and files between two android devices like Share It over wi-fi not Bluetooth…Not everyone is connected to the cloud so for this type of extension I’m willing to pay alot…It’s up to You now to accept the challenge…


Do you mean sharing files only on the same wifi OR over the internet?


Same wi-fi connection…Check out the app share sends and the other
recieves and visa versa…It is very Quick…This is something that I really need badly…It is also similar to Bluetooth Sharing


I will take a look into that.
Also, @go6otel it looks like we need a service for that, which needs us to edit manifest, which is not possible in an extension.


Not sure, what’s the problem, just use Sharing component, share a file and use Wi-Fi Direct option.


Anyone else, who has extension requests, ask about them! Currently, I am looking into doing those, cause I am trying to get some money for upcoming OpticalMath (my own camera calculator). Or just make a donation at


I think you could do it. There is a Textbox Extension by Taifun.
It has the event of Keyboard Enter Key.


Any chance of making an extension that places a more advanced canvas inside an arrangement, which allows things like flood fill, gradient fill, blending options, zoom in and out by pinching, etc? If yes, I would gladly sponsor that.
Or maybe AppyBuilder can incorporate that if possible. The canvas has become one of the less updated components and its features are more than limited compared to what is available in drawing apps. Thanks in advance.


Will take a look into that.


Hi Ben, do you have an e-mail?


We can check into that.


Yes, that would be


can you make a player when i can place a stream and player not freez like standart player

I dont know if buffering will solve the problem. But standart player couse too many freezing
with stream witch work fine in pc browser