Current Build Server Status


Hi All

Is the build server down again?



It’s working for me. Do you see any error messages?


Server Busy the whole time…


I think the only thing to do is just wait a while. The number of users is increasing every day.


This is odd… on the face of it, if I’m interpreting these two datapoints correctly, NONE of the five build servers has come even close to hitting the maximum simultaneous build threshold since the 3rd of this month.

maximum-simultaneous-build-tasks-allowed 15

The highest value for the second datapoint, on any of the five servers, is 5. Therefore, they each have plenty of capacity, even at peak load.

Am I missing something, @Hossein? This does square with what you mentioned in another thread, recently, about the state of the build servers.


@Thomas_Leavitt the 5 build servers are able to handle the current load. The failure that you see at top of this thread could be due to apk size. If apk is over ~10mb, then front end will time out