Creating better apps



Hi everyone. I don’t know if this should be in this category, but I have seen the apps the community posts in the “show off” section, and as awesome and the utility they provide, the developers don’t make them pretty.

One thing the apps in Playstore show, is the impulse to download an app, just by looking at the icon.

I made some custom icons for the some apps I’ve seen in the “show off” section, and with the app “Casual Ball” I made some displays of how to improve the graphics of that game.

If you want, I can make tutorials on this, but only if there is a lot of people who want them, because this kind of things take a lot of time and effort. I want to make this because this forum and it’s member’s have potential, and overall, the community is kind and helpful.

These are the custom Icons I made:

Casual Ball



King BlackJack 21

The Custom Displays (note: This is ONLY the display, it has no code)

Hope you like them and let’s make the best apps ever!


It would be great if you could make some tutorials about this topic. Are you using open source software when making these? I use Inkscape and Gimp when making graphics.


I can use inksape for the tutorials too