Crashing App when doing blocks


HI All

I have built an ap for my sons rugby team so I can record the scores from the game. I have programmed the app so I can choose which player has scored so it adds up their team score and also the opposition with a button for when they score. I have set it so that if a try needs to be taken off I can click the player’s name and it will take 1 try off that player and the team’s score.

I think looking at the blocks I have done that its really messy and i’m trying to get everything to work while over complicating things.

COuld someone have a look at the app and help me simplify the code while still keeping all the things that it needs to do. I also want to be able to save the info in a time line sort of format so I can use to do a match report for the parents.

Any help and advise will be greatly be appreciated.Match_Stats (1).aia (1.7 MB)


Have you made this app in AppyBuilder, because when I try to load it many of the blocks are detached shall they be so.

That it crash might be due to that your images are to big.

Tip #2 in your case



ok that’s great thank you.

but is there a way to simplify the code and store it to create a time line of the button presses, so I can see when my son’s team scored and by who and when the opposition scored?