Coursera - Android App Development Specialization


If I had the time I would definitely do this!


Looks difficult for me, @Ken_Nichols. I would prefer udemy courses which is noob friendly if i have time…:sweat_smile:


It says

I did the first 4 weeks of Shaw Academy - Mobile App Development in January, I didn’t learn much.
However it did lead me here!
They introduced me to App Inventor and I found AppyBuilder a few hours later.


Look what popped up on my FB this morning.


That’s good, @Ken_Nichols Well, me too really need to learn java and proper android dev but before that i need to learn python, for data analysis…:sweat_smile:


I can’t stand Python!
What kind of data?


Well, i want to read patterns, etc. Usually i use php but to achieve some calculations i need to code a lot of things… in Python, we could use a lot of ready made libraries for various analysis…


If you’re doing that you should have no problems following along with the Coursera course.