Control Ads from Database


i want to control my apps AD from my database, where i can able set adcode via database.
now, how to do it?
If my want to do it, what can i need?
Anyone can give extension for that?

Advance Thank you !


anyone give any solution?


How ??>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


It’s not possible in appybuilder! :frowning_face::frowning_face:


I know a way to show different ads in a app. Ill give you the aia file tomorrow


If there is block code for admob add e.g set.admobadd unit to:
Then it is possible


Or you can use different ad components with different adunit Id and make them visible depening according to the value received from Firebase


bor please share withe us the .aia Example !


DatabaseAdControl.aia (3.9 KB)

Heres the AIA File Hope you Understand


@Abhi4124 here you just control ad visible,enable and testmode. But i want to set ad unit from database. where i can able to change adcode without update my app.


Just set the ad unit id of different admob component different and do as i did so you can control which ad unit id’s to show up.

PS: What i did is a workaround and changing the ad unit of a single admob component is not possible .




@AL_SAHRIAR can u give me this extension please?


It’s paid extension :frowning_face:. Price:- 30€ …


payment method??


PayPal … 30€ = 34.37 USD $


too much.
give me link please


Inbox me… :slightly_smiling_face:


Its easy. I’ll tell you…


tell me.i am waiting for you :slight_smile: