Completely deleted Blocks Screen


Hey there,
Im totally devastated… :sob:
It is the fourth time that I tried to REDO my App…
And the Appybuilder just deletes the whole Blocks Page…
The Error is: “The Blocks Area DId not load properly. Changes to the Blocks for Screen [Name] will not be saved”

Anyone ever had this?
I have the Gallery viewer in mind because since i implemented that this happened.

Thanks in advance:grinning:


It’s not deleted. It says it couldn’t load it properly.
Let us check into it



  1. Your .aia is 10MB; you need to keep it smaller
  2. Your blocks still exists in your app and I was able to upload; maybe resource issue with your computer
  3. You need to compress your images. They are over 1.4mb each!


thanks for the fast reply!
i did that already. if i compress them more the quality is really bad…

cant i upload them to a database and it automatically gets download when someone gets the app?

is the appsize responsible for all of this?


I would suggest you to read how images works with AI2 and its clones, because with these images in px will give you OEM.

In your case, tip2.

Probably yes, resource intensive with such big images in px.



thanks again!
I tried out the Google Drive Method for downloading my images and now it shows the same error.
is it because i have to many blocks in my “blocks” area?
Can start all over again… or is there a way i can get my blocks back?