Complete fillable PDF then download/share


I’ve done this before on PC, it can be done with xml:


It’s been about 10 years since I did this so the specifics are pretty fuzzy.
I trying to refresh my memory by doing some Googling.


It’s nearly 1am here, I will do some more research tomorrow.


You can do that with ease with jspdf but for that you have to use default package name as appybuilder not support jspdf with custom package name. All you need to do is to create jspdf file with all data but the one which you will fill in, Then add those data through webview.string property. Once done open that jspdf file with chrome browser and it will automaticlly compiled and downloaded if internet is there. If you want to use this with custom package name go for makeroid but be aware they caharge 20 percent of admob commision and that too from first immpression basis. That means once they will show their own ads and then show yours; they denny some of such accusation but if you text with admob test ads you will know its true for every 6 out of 12 times and for the other 6 they still show 20% times their own ads which is way too high.

Okay back to the topic you need to import following javascript libraries to execute : …head>
link rel=“icon” type=“image/png” href=“”>
script src=“”>
script src=“”>

Use var doc = new jsPDF(); to start you jspdf file and‘image.pdf’); to end it with the desired name of your final pdf file.

For more details google it and try to find it yourself and if you cant find till tommorow, message me or reply here i will do it for you. give a try its not that hard and once understood its eally easy to do. If you want to learn javascript or web design in general you can go through my app “Code hoga” on playstore. I hope you a good day.


Wow, that will make things easier.
Thanks for sharing!


Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge. It’s not a huge rush, but something I’d like to implement in the near future.

Just for clarification, I’m planning to keep a custom package name and use AppyBuilder. Thank you!


Maybe you can make a tutorial about this? With blocks and images for others to use?

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Just to follow-up, this solution has not proven to be reliable. Can anyone else offer a solution?


I am looking into creating an extension for filling pdf forms.


You can get any type , any data of pdf from any spreadsheet using this extension .


Myself and others have already informed you that your aia does not open in Appy Builder as it currently exists. Otherwise, it may very well be an option.


Appy Builder Version

Download_Invoice_as_PDF.aia (7.7 KB)


Great, it’s working now. I’m just unclear on how to edit individual cells on a spreadsheet which is what is needed to make this work properly with user data. Any help there?

Also, theoretically, if only one copy of the template exists, wouldn’t there be issues with multiple users attempting to insert data at the same time? I assume you could attempt to insert all user data at one time and then immediately export the pdf, but I imagine there could be issues with multiple users submitting at the same time.


You can use spreadsheets components Or customized spreadsheets extensions .

You can use more templates. This will be your choice.

You can call them randomly using more templates. This will solve your problem to a great extent


Thank you for your reply.

For the “StoreData” block with spreadsheets, what is needed to post to a specific cell (and overwrite if data exists already in that cell)?

I’m not familiar with the formatting required to post data to a designated cell and only to that cell. Most tutorials show adding data into new rows vs one designated cell.

Thank you for your time.


read cear fully .
whats im saying


Hey, thanks. I understand what you’re saying just fine. I don’t believe that’s the issue.

This is the only “post” block for spreadsheets. I’m asking if you’re willing to help show how you can post directly to a cell using this block.


as i think u need

If you need it, then I can develop it.
But you have to pay for it. For more information, give me a personal message.


Okay… If that is the case, how is anyone supposed to use your Download Invoice as PDF extension? It says “you can fill the data with spreadsheets extension”. But, that’s not true based on what you’re saying now.

I don’t mind tipping/donating/buying/etc. Can this not be done without another new extension?