Companion works differently than the apk


Companion works differently than the apk.

When I use the companion everything works correctly. But when I generate the APK and install it on my phone, it does not work the same as the companion.

I have 2 screens, when I open the 2 screen, I put the focus in a textbox and show the keyboard. The companion does it but the APK does not.

When I am in the 2 screen, I make an insert with ql SQLite, I go to screen 1 and I do not load the inserted. In the companion if you show it to me.



Same issue here. Will try to resolve.


You experience all 3 of these issues?


Will build and attach short app to demo current issues which are:

  1. Returning from called screen with return value seems to work in Companion but not APK.

  2. Anomoly in SQLite extension inserting rows from CSV; if CSV row doesn’t fill all columns Companion treats as null, APK barfs with error message.