Companion error


anoche probé y no funciono y ahora si.

gracias profesor


App companion gold does not work on tab


I installed the newest companion 3.24. It crashes/stops at starting. I unstalled all the companions from past and tried again. But did not help. I tried in two devices, but the same result. I read also in the rewievs in Playstore, other people have also the same issue.
What to do?


@Zaq_Qum What device / api?


Samsung Phone and samsung tablet. The both of them I used before with no problem. I dont think this issue is because of devices.


is companion crashing on start up BEFORE connecting to any app or after you try to connect?


yes. Just at starting, crashes before the app has opened.
It says; “unfortunately, AppyBuilder Gold has stopped.”


I afraid, you have forgetten me :frowning:


Not really. Not sure why you get the error. Will build another companion and send you to side load. Will send in couple of hours


Thank you very much.
It is here now 4.30 am, and I will wait for it, If I fall into sleep before, please forgive me.
Thanks again.


Wow. Then in that case, give me about 10 minutes. I’ll PM you


Are you using WiFi or USB for test?


Normaly I connect with WiFi to test. But now I cant even launch the app. Just on starting, it crashes.


i think it should be error in blocks.


I dont know. How is with you, does it run in your device?


Yah it works fine.

sahi kam kar rha hai… [Hindi]


Help Please
Error from Companion: Font not found /data/user/0/com.appybuilder.companiongold/cache/AI_Media_-317444923.tmp


Hi there,
I have the same issue with my companion again. It crashes at starting (opening). Last week worked fine, after I updated to the new version, I have the problem again.

I think some of the versions do not work and some of them work.
Till 30th of January it worked fine. So I think, I need the version of this date.

Is that not possible, to store the older companion versions as apk-file under the page “release-notes.html” to download it in case we need it again?


Hello… im getting this error… i used mit inventor before and i want to change to appybuilder. so i export the aia file and import to appybuider… but i get this error when i try the live testing… what should i do?

Error from Companion: Font not found /data/user/0/com.appybuilder.companiongold/cache/


i got this
Error from Companion: Font not found /data/data/com.appybuilder.companiongold/cache/AI_Media_1547403629.tmp
what can i do??