Companion error


hello my aplications not open. Companion error. Whats applicationsPackage.i got ‘was buid different appybuilder’ error code

AppyBuilder Release Notes

@Belmoly_Soft_Birmily can you paste the error message here? Not clear on the error message


error 902. Screen not found I can not open the other screen


google email must be google developer mail ?


The email that you use to log into AppyBuilder


Hello there
After the update application is not open.

Appybuilder gold stopped.
Report sending message.

samsung note 2. android 4.4.2


What’s happening with appybuilder 3.14 and live testing? From midnight today (after some error) doesn’t work. The same with thunkable app but silver version and 2.41 work properly.

The appk work, only live testing not. Without errors.


@Darek_T Are you using v3.14 ?
Which previous version worked for you?
Is there no response or crash?


Also make sure you kill other apps because there may be cache conflict with other companions.


Hmm, I tried this:

  • reinstall app (5 times)
  • reinstall ROM (Xiaomi rollout today new ROM)
  • try in diffrent network (at work)
  • restart phone many times
  • wipe appybuilder cache
    still don’t work.

The application is working normally. It doesn’t report any errors.


Issue may be rendesvouz server.
With MIT companion, are you able to connect?


I just tested thunkable - same thing. maybe server.
I’ll wait, I’ll see you tomorrow.


Woooork :slight_smile: thanks :slight_smile:


This project was saved with a newer version of the AppyBuilder system. We will attempt to load the project, but there may be compatibility issues.


@suportenetweb Have you seen thread below:


@suportenetweb did you try the suggestion in the thread? Let us know how it goes.


hola profesor @Hossein actulice la extension sidebar con esta linea y no fusiona en appybuilder esa clase no existe en appybuilder?? en en los otros inventor si funsiona


Yes. It exists in AppyBuilder




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