Companion App not working


It does matter if i’m at work or on Wifi I get Error 1101.

However if I cut and paste the link that is generated into Chrome it works fine and downloads the apk file.

Can the link be a hyperlink so it will at least open in a webbrowser if the companion app cannot connect to the server.


I think you are trying to use the companion to download the apk. That is not the purpose of the companion. Its purpose is to live test your app BEFORE downloading and installing the apk.
To download and install your compiled and finished apk, use a normal barcode scanner, not the companion.


Thanks for your reply.
I did figure this out last night thank you.

We have no luck live testing anyway so have to download the apk file.




You can use appybuilderStarter.exe for live testing.
It’s offline testing with USB.


It never works for me so I have to build every time :frowning:


@Steve_Roadley What OS do you have?

Meanwhile do a search in the forum.


Given up on both USB and Live testing simply does not work!!!


Is your computer and phone on same network?
Can you connect for smaller apps?


Yep both on the same WiFi AP.


Does it connect for very simple apps?


After connecting Companion with USB getting a message:
You are using an out-of-date Companion. You should update the AppyBuilder Companion as soon as possible. If you have auto-update setup in the store, the update will happen by itself shortly.
Companion 5.07.
Should I ignore it?


Yes, you should ignore it.