Companion 5.02 not working


@Ryan_Cheung Yes. Known bug. Currently, you can’t use Companion to scan for APK download. This is on our todo list. You can still continue and perform Live Development (scan) and still can have AppyBuilder generate .apk onto your local box.


I provide a data, the wifimanager module does not show results in the live companion. in the option to show the wifilist.


How long will it take to correct the bug?


@K_L If your issue is to download the apk by using the companion, and scanning the .apk qr code, why not use the approach that Peter mentioned?


not emulating the application in the companion version 5.02


What do you mean by that? Do you get error messages? Do you have the 1101 error message. This will be resolved with the next version of AB.


is not it. Companion does not emulate APK on mobile.

Sorry, my english is from Brazil.


So you see nothing on you mobile? Tell more about what you do, what works and what not? Are the companion and you pc on the same wifi? Is it only one project that doesn’t work or all? Has it ever worked before?


Yes before the SDK update worked. Now no application emulates by the companion. Computer and Mobile is on the same network Wifi


Are you using the latest companion? So you screen turns white or do you see the companion screen with the buttons? You still didn’t give much info. :wink: so i have to keep asking. The more you tell the less i have to ask.


I open the Companion and put the code and it closes from the computer screen without any warnings.


I went to test now and it gave 1103 error in the companion.


Error 1103 indicates internet is not available.


So it’s all right here with the internet. I’ll wait for updates to see if it improves. Thank’s for your time.


There should be a new version of AB coming real soon. So hopefully it will solve your issues.


Will it also solve the issues of extensions giving various errors on compiling with the latest updates of AB?
Like my old apps are not compiling having extensions of Taifun.


Yes it will fix that also


The developer does not open the application online yet. Version 5.03


What does that mean?


Does not open the application to test online as a mobile emulator, simply type the code and click connect with code and simply close the QR code window