Color detection


I need to detect the color of an object in real time, but cannot find the right extension. Andres Cotes’ extension seems like the best solution, but it’s a bit overpriced in my opinion. I want to know if there is another solution for it


Why people think they can only do good apps with extensions?
You can do that simply by allowing the user to take a picture, make the picture the canvas background and then letting the user to drag or touch the finger over the canvas. Retrieve the color of the pixel touched and show it in a label.
I made that app before. Not complicated at all.


thanks for replying. perhaps you didn’t read my question carefully. I need the app to detect the color in real time, which means i need to get the camera preview without user intervention, or at least take the pictures programatically. I need to use either that color detection plugin on the camera plugin from Taifun


My advice is: If your app is going to be commercial, don’t skimp in your investment.
Get the extension you need and go full throttle on its development. It will pay for itself. Just make sure you make something professional that people will want to use.

If it’s not for commercial purposes, then there’s no need to have the object in real time, it’s even more complicated because the light changes, the hand moves, etc. Also you will have to depend on extensions that maybe with a newer version of Android will not work anymore and the developer can’t be reached to fix it, etc, etc, etc.