Colon ( : ) at the last of firebase project bucket


I’m getting a colon mark ( : ) at the end of the project bucket


Look at the Quiz_User_Profile
it is the name of project bucket i used.


And your question is?


Why the colon in the last coming


What is your question? It is not clear what you are asking about.


Usually project buckets starts with a plus mark (+) mark and doesn’t contain the colon mark ( : )

If you observe the project bucket you see that it does not contain the plus mark at the beginning and it contains a colon

When ever a new tag is being saved to that project bucket , the existing tag is Bering replaced. Where as it should not happen. A new tag with some new values should be saved.


Where do you see that a project bucket stars with a + or ends with a colon. This is a first I heard of it.

Can you show me where you saw this please
I am confused


See the project bucket with name
Quiz_user_profile in the attached images


The picket is the top one.Where did you see to put a :?


Look at the last project bucket end.


You mean Rahim: instead of Rahim? That is something FireBase does to distinguish between name and values. To make it more viewable.


No sir
I’m not sending question mark or colon.

But the colon is automatically coming at the end of project bucket

It is overwriting the existing values, whereas it should add new values


I know that you are not sending it. Firebase only shows it on the screen for better visibility.

Show a picture where you circled the : to show what you mean. It is unclear at the moment.


Sure sir
Right now I’m away from my computer. Will get back to you soon


Hi Sirs
Please observe the green coloured boxes and red colured box.

Gree one is correct and working properly.
Red one is not saving in a format it should save.

I request you to please see and compare the project bucket names of both Green and Red boxes.

In the red colour boxed one, you can see the (+) sign is missing, which shoukld be in front of the project bucket, again, there ssould not be a ( : ) colon mark at the end of the project bucket name.

I am asking why the tags i’m sending are not saving one by one as it should be, Now the tag value is replacing the old values.


I request you to please help me.


As @Peter said the : is automatic to indicate it is a tag.

You have en error where you are not putting a / after the string Quiz_User_Profile



This is the code where i am calling that bucket

Once after receiving the values, i am saving in TinyDB

All this happened in one screen, Now i want to retreive these details in other screen


Retreiving the same values to this QUIZ screen

The user have answered all the questions correctly

Now i am sending some new values to the same tag adnd project bucket

My Problem is
The Project bucket doesn’t contain the PLUS mark at the begining and Eventhough the tags are different, the tags are being replaced by the new values.


Your problem is that you are calling the same tag over and over


It should be DeviceID/Username, or something like that.

It is performing exactly as you programmed it. You can use my AndroidID extension for a persistent way of determining the user without permissions. It is how I differentiate users.

Then you do androidID/username etc etc


Sir, here the user name is TinyDB Tag