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Just trying to see how everyone likes CodeEditor for building extensions with no-setup.

Since its announcement, we now have 432 projects (as of Jan 5th)
Number of users: 228
Number of projects: 432

  • I Like it :+1:
  • I Like it but not using it :v:
  • I Don’t use it :x:
  • I like to learn how to build extensions :eyes:

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CodeEditor made me understand more about appybuilder, and because of CodeEditor I started to learn Java programming and managed to make the extension I really needed.
thank you very much AppyBuilder Team


Sometimes i would like to be able to build extensions but i don’t think i have the patience anymore to learn a new language. Let me stick with what i am “good” at. :smile:


Thanks so much for praise. Glad its helpful. If any suggestions, let us know.


I want to ask, are files related to APIs from third parties (such as pushnotification, firebase, onesignal, etc.), an API in the last release?


CodeEditor is AweSomes :blush:

Request library googleplay ads :slight_smile: and facebook ads :smile:

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Currently, its already available


Your the best sir @Hossein :wink:

Thanks you :pray:


Sir @Hossein :slightly_smiling_face:
Im need list jar :pray:


Which jar are you looking for? See AppyBuilder GitHub link HERE