Code Editor - Using webview (say no to Extensions)


Here is a tutorial on my website. This helps you to add a code editor with colourful syntax to your app.

This belongs to Glive Technologies (Don’t forget to credit )


@Aravind_Chowdary Why does your topic title indicates: “say no to Extensions”? Why say no?

Also, is this just an editor with no ability to build .aix?


can we load a libary with that editor. and run some functions… On the pager are not really much infos about the editor and what we can do with him.


Actually Its not for making extensions Its just an code editor html.

I just kept say no to extension because this can just me made through a simple webviewer


You could have put the text and images in the topic instead of linking to your website. I think that is what this category should be. Not links to videos and other websites.


Błąd 404 link nie działa, popraw lub usuń temat.
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