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For me it would be useful to have some examples of code to learn the programming logic.
I have never programmed in java, I know a little about the logic of Java, but I have no experience with this language. I do not ask to have complex extension copies, but simple examples made specifically for learning. Eg how to create a textbox different from the standard with dark background and white text and with bold font. It can help me to better understand how the code is structured. Thank you

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I want to build an extension but don't know how!

A Few Samples:


I created the example you described:




Code: (2.0 KB)


Thanks Ken I do not know how to thank you for your great availability and speed in responding. THANK YOU


How change proprietes of textbox (backgroundcolor,fontypeface and textcolor) via extension?


I am glad you asked!

The best way I have found to learn things like this is to look at the different Component .java files.
You can find them here:

Find a Component that has the property you’d like to add to your extension and take a look at it’s .java file.
For instance in this sample extension we are working with a TextBox so checkout the


What all types of ‘@SimpleEvent’ and others are there like all the things starting with @


You can read about stuff like that here: