Clock has a problem after the last update


The clock is not working properly. I compiled the same .aia file that worked before and now does not work after the update. The worst that presents no log to post here the problem is that sometimes it works sometimes not. This intermittent bug. I’m posting to other users to see if they have the same problem.



I also have the feeling that something is wrong with the clock component in older aia.
I could solve it by adding in addition to
Set TimerEnabled to True


Set TimerAlwaysFires to true



You saved my day … It worked fine by setting all the clocks for TimerAlwaysFires to true.
Many thanks to my friend!


I’m glad it works. But do not forget :
Set TimerAlwaysFires to false If the timer has done what he should do.

Kind regards


Okay. Thanks! :hugs: