CLassic Pong game Tutorial p03 adding a score!



how to Add a Score.
Learn how to make a classic Pong game in appyBuilder,
:eyes: Pong is a two-dimensional sports game that simulates table tennis. The player controls an in-game paddle by moving it vertically across the left side of the screen, and can compete against either a computer-controlled opponent or another player controlling a second paddle on the opposing side. Players use the paddles to hit a ball back and forth. The aim is for each player to reach eleven points before the opponent; points are earned when one fails to return the ball to the other.

:sunglasses: This tutorial covers many interesting topics about using the canvas and working with sprites.

Also you can use Inkscape to make the graphics and I show you how to properly export them to avoid blurry images.
I will show you also how to use procedures to organize your code or blocks . How to scale sprites, position sprites in canvas and set the canvas proper size to have similar aspect in different devices.
How to detect collisions with sprites and edges. How to move sprites and how to use heading property to change sprite’s direction.
How to Add a SCORE!
and many things more like how to add an admob banner


OMG! I love the Kawaii faces! So cute!!! ^.^
Great job on the tutorial. I love the color scheme and it’s very easy to follow.


@azaotl has created great set of video tutorials.


Great you like it ! I didn’t do very last part, where paddles were suppose to have more graphics, I mean if you got hit by the ball or you lost a point the kawaii face was suppose to be changed, maybe someday I will finish it jeje
and @Hossein :slight_smile: thanks friend!