Chick Run My app on playstore


Download my Game from play store


Maybe post some screenshots here and tell what your game is all about?


Has potential!
Unfortunately after catching my 2nd corn the app crashed.


I ran it again and caught several corn without issue.
Not sure what happened that first time.

However sometimes the High Score doesn’t update.


Hi, I like the game …
All works well and the sounds say to me:
“Don’t stop to play” … :+1:t2:
The background images shows many pixels, but the rest is cool


Thank you all for reporting me the bugs.
I’ll be releasing update with bugs fixed !!!


Now runtime errors are being fixed !! I think


Still having issues with high score in not updating correctly.

When it’s off, it’s off by 5 points, which leads me to believe it has something to do with collecting Corn.