Check Listview Extension [Paid]


this extension allows you to add funsionalities for app where you should mark checklist example user list, student list, list of tools and different groups






price 25 usd

Pay and download

I can build your design for 45 usd


Andres Cotes


Awesome Extention :hushed::fb_wow: :star_struck:


Can you give me another explanation of this?


Listview you can get check list trueno or false


Can I tell which buttons are open?


Yes sr and you get position check or not


Can I remove or add check boxes using Firebase?


Can I remove or add check boxes?


Yes you can put , update, clear check


How do I delete only certain boxes?


you use create method again, with new info


But in my app I will not be able to know which boxes will want to be removed


If you don’t know what should be removed, then how would anyone else?

If you want help maybe you should create a new topic and explain what you are trying to achieve.


How do I delete only the boxes that the user has marked?


You use create method aganin only check list