Chat ListView Extension update (23/01/2018)


Hello I want to add chat and audio note to my app, send it to me with the tutorial to my email ? Thank you


Can you please send the url for chatting extension to this email:


can you show me the block coding of this extention ???


Please send me payment details
I am interested in this extension

Desperately waiting for response.


Please don’t expose your emails.
PM each other or send each other direct emails


Hii!! @Andres_Cotes
I Want To Know is There is any method to remove all messages.


Call method create…



please send the link to pay and apk file so i can view


Don’t post personal info here. just pm the developer.


thanks for your contribution
I paid by paypal
Please, confirm it.
please send me the chat view extension aix& aia ,


@lee what about sending a PM to the developer?
probably posting your email address in a public forum is not a good idea, is it?
do you want to attract loads of spam in your inbox?


Please how is this block used?


list @bawayy


Thank you for the quick response
Working now