Chat ListView Extension update (23/01/2018)


Sir plz. give me the .aia File

Hope U reply me as soon as possable


it is an extension pays the price is 15 usd


you can build an extension

example with source code


If you are a student, you must study


@APP191852, I think you need to use common sense or read some rules in community like below :

  1. USE kind words in communication
  2. NEVER force anybody to do your bidding
  3. DON’T use capital words and sentences on common discussion.
  4. DON’T ask for paid extension for free. The developers are doing business here, respect them.
  5. IF you are forced to ask in a REAL NEED, ask using private message.


sorry big mistake

all msg r deleted right now thankx .


can you send me sample apk??

and send payment id also. i will buy.


hey bro ive sent you an email , at check inbox, regarding following image


bro its a paid Extension .
Not Free Open source .

And if u interested then i 'll provide block properties and work in application preview video.

*Sorry cun’t share .apk Files for security Resonance .
i can provide preview video …



bro i should have a look at it, whether it works or not,… i cannot pay u blindly…

one guy senr me vdo i paid him 15$ for another extinsion, when i used there was a problem… and he tolt its not my mistake, and didnt returned any money,… if u can provide sample apk with your security properties… i will pay u … otherwise i wont …




can you send me sample apk??
at aneel.

and send payment id also. i will buy.


see link apk test web emulator

link buy


Quem já comprou esta extensão, pode receber a atualização grates


Yes sr you get updates


Hola! Yo compré la extensión hace varios meses. Podría enviarme el update? Gracias.


enviame el corro donde te envie la extension


creo que me lo enviaste a Si no es a este, fue al gmail con mismo nombre.


I want this Extension can you PM me the Details