Chat ListView Extension update (23/01/2018)


that’s actually very funny to write this just below the last comment from @Hossein


me too
send that apk file


Hola! Ya te he hecho el ingreso. Espero el fichero. Te he puesto mi correo en la nota de paypal. Gracias!

#25 ,Thank you, if you can send me.


Can you send me a file APK please?!

#27 Can you send me APK? IWant to check The APK before paíd for The extensión. Thanks.


Please send sample .apk before buying extension


Hola Andrés…quisiera probar el Apk. Gran trabajo!!!.:heart_eyes: Gracias


Hi @Andres_Cotes any documentation or descriptions for the blocks for this extension?
e.g. what does GetCount and SoftInputAdjustPan/Nothing mean.


Getcount Returns the number of written lines


Set how the screen moves when the keyboard appears


Thanks @Andres_Cotes

Do you have plans to introduce any enhancements to this feature? Will be good to see support for images and html support for the text.

I am publishing my chat app soon with this extension.


Hola, gracias,pagado, mi correo es
buen aporte


i also need apk …
i am ready to buy…
my email id:




please give me the aix file
Email :


please give me the aix file
Email :

Sending Email in Posts

Please read all the posts… The AIX costs 15Usd… Contact with the author


Please give me the axi file


SIR Plz… Give me the .aia & .Aix file Send my mail
Email :