Chat ListView Extension update (23/01/2018)


Hello I share this extension that allows you to add a chat list to your project





Andres Cotes

How to make a chatting app
A chat with the user with PHP and MySQLi

Wow… amazing!

Good job, @Andres_Cotes


@Andres_Cotes Looks great. Do you have sample .apk?


Cuando estará disponible para comprar? Gracias


ya esta disponible la primera version 15 usd


una última duda: Para futuras versiones mejoradas de esta extensión, tendría que volver a comprar?


no los update son libre y se pueden proponer mejoras


existe algun apk para probar? es una pasada :heart_eyes:


Enviame tu correo para enviar el apk


mi correo es este: gracias de antemano :slight_smile:


Mr. Andres Can i try what the samples like?


you send your mail i send apk


here look awesome thanks


Its work perfectly on up 4+ devices, I assumed when i add new message the timestamp will following on device dates, i just wondering if i restore the offline chat the timestamp not actual on message created. i suggest to add the separate timestamp Mr. Andres. Thanks for the great work


Download link please


I paid please give me the aix file
My gmail is :


@Andres_Cotes Fiz o pagamento em sua conta, me enviar a extensão here Email:



@Felipe_Martins @nickita @Andres_Cotes regarding extension-payments, please use PM feature to discuss and/or to exchange emails. THANKS


how much should I pay? @Hossein