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Hello all,

I have a problem with the chartmaker extension. I would like to make a chart from typed csv list, but I can’t do this (I would like to type the labels as a csv row in textbox, and I would like to type the values as a csv table in other textbox).

Here is my test:

Creating chart from calculated data

First, you don’t need to pass the value of the textbox to a variable to use it. Just use the textbox.text block.

Second, you need to check that both textbox.text are in fact a csv list when the button is pressed. Otherwise you will get an error.

Third, when you say you can’t do it, What do you mean? Doesn’t work? You get an error? You get nothing? Be more specific please.


Thank you,

I mean I get nothing, there is no error massege.
I have checked the textbox.text with label: if I type cat, dog in the textbox, I get this: (cat, dog) in the label


Who is the developer of that extension? Do you know? I don’t have it and I don’t know if it’s free or not.


This is it:


Remove the MAKE A LIST blocks. When you use the LIST FROM CSV ROW/TABLE, you are already getting a list.
What you are doing wrong is that you are making a list with another list inside. Try that and let’s see what happens.


Thank you for your suggestion.
I checked this suggestion, and the result is the same: the graph was not appear, the webviewer is empty.


If I remember correctly, in the download folder is a picture how to organize the lists correctly. My suggestion: Rebuild this image and see if it works, then build your own lists and paste them.
This is from the developer



Aside from what @TF101 suggested, please post your blocks. Everytime you make a change do it so we can see if you did it right.



Here is my block, that I create from the originial one. The isse: the chart was not appeared.

Thank you for your time and help (both of you)


Have you play around with labels and values? Is the Text of the Textboxes in the right format?
Suggestion: Rebuild the example picture from the download folder on the same screen of your chart. Connect to the companion. Right click on DoIt and compare the result with the result of your lists! Then you will know (wo der Frosch die Locken hat) were the problem is. :wink:



I got what the problem is.
You have to switch the ShowListsAsJson switch in the Screen1 properties. It should be on.
That’s how I made it work.



Thank you. I switched on that switch, but it was not succesful. The problem is the same, the webviewer is empty.
I typed these into the textbox:
Textbox1: cat, dog
Textbox2: 1, 2, 3\n4, 5, 6\n7, 8, 9
Could you send me your aia file to compare with my own “creation”?


ChartMakerExample.aia (11.6 KB)



Thank you very much for your help! I know what was the problem. The form of: 1,2,3\n4,5,6\n7,8,9 was not accepted. Now it is working correctly.



I try to make chart from calculated data. The data calculated properly I get what I want.
But if I try to create chart, the chart doesn’t appear (there isn’t any warning, just there is no chart)

Here is my blocks:


Do You have any suggestion?


I merged them together because your question is related to the previous one.